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Who We are?

We are enthusiastic team of young entrepreneurs living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  While continuing our higher education in 2015, we realized that there is a need of neutral and reliable source of information which could help students find the right institutes based on their career progression requirements. This kick-started the edUhub application idea. We have worked hard on it to develop a very useful application for students.

edUhub is a mobile application that provides students with ratings and comments about local universities. It also provides live education news, information about upcoming events and music to allow students staking connected with the community.

Riccardo Francia
Riccardo FranciaChief Financial Officer
Currently, I’m 20 years old. I was born and raised in Italy and I now have been in Dubai for almost four years. I’m pleased to introduce this new product called edUhub app and interested to reach every individual’s need in order to make their experience in the UAE unique and exciting.
Reinhardt Miller
Reinhardt MillerChief Executive Officer
As the CEO and Co-founder of edUhub, I look after enhancing and expanding our product and service at the highest level possible. My deep interests for the education sector and the student population of the UAE Will ensure that each user and member of edUhub will be provided with the best possible informative platform and student community for education.