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Insider’s University Review For UAE

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Widespread digitization has dynamically redefined learning and teaching techniques. The emergence of tech innovations has completely revolutionized conventional learning and training methods. Both learning and teaching are no longer unidirectional affairs. The present trends herald the emergence of interactive education, thus fostering a collaborative learning environment for teachers, students, and parents. This ecosystem requires the valuable [...]

Social Engagement Platform for Students

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The past few decades have seen the tremendous rise of social media and the extent of the impact it can have on people’s lives. It is fairly obvious that the younger generation is benefitting most from this change. The student community especially has come up with a unique idea of social engagement platforms, which enables them [...]

How to find the Best University in UAE

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UAE is a multicultural hub that is fast gaining a reputation for being one of the top centers for education in the Middle East. Many universities have established campuses in this dazzling desert federation of seven emirates and specialize in offering Western standard education. The sheer range of options available here can make it overwhelming for [...]